Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips

If you are looking to learn how to catch trophy smallmouth bass, then we have some fantastic fishing tips for you.

Smallmouth Bass fishing is fun for all ages.

If you enjoy the challenge of catching fish that like to fight and dance away, these tricky fish are going to be just right for you!

You want to be prepared when it comes to bass fishing. Buying the best smallmouth bass lures are important if you want to catch anything.

The top 5 bass lures are easy to find.

One of the top lures is the Rattlin Redfin.You will also want to look for Jerkbaits.

The Wally Diver is a good lure choice also along with the Bomber Spinnerbait. Storm Thundersticks is another good lure to try out.

The Most Important Fishing Tip Ever.

A great smallmouth bass fishing tip is to make sure that your lures do not have an unwanted scent to them. Fish can be very sensitive to certain smells. Fish can smell things like gas or bug spray.

If you get gasoline or fly dope on your hands, it is very important to get rid of the scent.

One way to do this is by scrubbing your hands clean using sugar. If you get bug spray on your hands, try washing them with salt.

Be sure and have clean hands before you touch a lure!

If you follow this tip, you will enjoy many more bites no matter what type if fish you are trying to catch. This is a great way to make sure that you can come home with a nice feed of smallmouth bass!

Best Fishing Equipment Tips

The type of fishing pole that you use is important also. You want it to be long enough and strong enough to allow you to catch the fish that you are looking for.

Choose a six to seven and a half foot spinning reel/rod combo. You will want to use six to ten pound line.

If you are fishing near vegetation, try out a six to seven and a half foot bait-casting combo with twelve to sixteen pound line.

Once you have the right lures and fishing supplies, you will need to look in the right spot to catch these fish.

If you are wondering how to catch smallmouth bass, you should know that the fishing location you choose is very important.

Tips on Finding Smallmouth Bass

Try fishing near rocky shoals or deep drop off points in the water. There are many different tips on catching smallmouth bass that you can learn, but experience is always a good thing too.

When you are fishing in rocky areas, you may not want to use a weight. If you do, you may get stuck on the rocks. It is hard to get untangled at times and you can lose your fish.

If the fish are not biting on your lures for some reason, you may want to go for a regular hook and worm. Just throw your line out and let the live worm slowly start going down in the water, then gently tug the worm towards you until you see it at the top of the water, and let it drop again.

Salted minnows are another great bait to use. The smallmouth bass really seem to love them.

When To Surface Fish and When To Go Deep

Enjoy fishing for smallmouth bass all year. In warm and sunny weather, you may want to search for these fish near vegetation. They will be looking for food and many baitfishes are hiding in the newly grown vegetation. Fishing in these areas will allow you to catch many fish at a fast pace. Be ready when the action starts.

If the smallmouth bass are not in the vegetation, go deeper. It will take some patience to find a bunch of smallmouth bass, but once you do, you will enjoy some good fishing.

Late Fall Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Once the weather starts getting a little cooler, the vegetation will start to die. The baitfish along with the smallmouth bass will start to travel to different spots. You may want to use a sonar, a depth finder or a fish finder. Look for drop offs starting at thirty-five feet to forty feet in depth.

This sport is very challenging and fun. It is also a very relaxing past time. Use the above smallmouth bass fishing tips to find and catch these fish. In time, you will become a seasoned professional at this exciting sport.

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